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To place an order for passes or MITS tickets, go to the passes page and click on the picture of the item you are interested in purchasing. If you will be ordering items on a regular basis, you can simplify the ordering process by registering.


If you are going to order items from the T Store Online every month, go to our registration section. Fill out the form one time, then, when you order again in the future, just sign in. If you make the same order every month, you can even save your order in a shopping basket and use the same order every month.

Ordering Information

1.The T guarantees mail delivery of monthly passes for the effective month only if orders are received by the 10th day of the effective month. For example, July monthly pass orders must be received no later than July 10th.

2.Orders are accepted at anytime. Passes are sold from the 11th of the preceding month to the 10th of the effective month. For example; if you purchase a pass on July 11, you will receive a pass for the month of August.

3.All passes will be shipped immediately.

4.Payment may be made on-line through a Yahoo Stores secure server by MasterCard, VISA, or American Express.

5.Monthly passes may be ordered for one month only. "Specials" may include multiple passes as part of their promotion.

6.Please allow 7 to 10 days to receive your order.

Shipping Information

All items are shipped via United States Postal Service at no cost to the customer.

Use and Acceptance

By ordering passes from the T on-line store, you agree to the terms and conditions described on the policies page of this web site. Please read them before ordering.

Questions? Need help? Call Customer Service at 817-215-8600.